Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Back to School Series #2: University Essentials

Hey again! This is the second installment in the Back to School Series. This time, as you saw in the title I will be focusing on University essentials. This has nothing to do with dorm room essentials I will cover that in another post. This is going to be general essentials, I will post a few supplies that may be needed for certain degrees but you will have to wait to receive a syllabus from your professor for further instructions.

A general list of supplies will be helpful, and you may be surprised with some of the things you find.

- AGENDA! **(You thought I put emphasis on this in my high school list its a lot different now. No matter what program you are in, or what you are doing an agenda should be the one thing that never leaves your side. You should keep this in your bag so that you have it when ever you need to write something down. I know I said it will be a savior before but its a lot different now, without it you will forget things. You will have multiple readings for every class, no matter what program.)**
- Pens, Notebook/Free Paper, Binder/if using paper (This is all depending on what you decide to use but I would recommend having loose paper for anytime you need to hand a question or small participation in lecture. Also loose leaf paper/notebook is helpful in tutorials and practical seminars.)
- Pencils (Again, similar to the high school list, this is mainly for scantron)
- Highlighters (I found these much more helpful in university then I did in high school. Since you buy your textbooks -even if you rent them- the book store usually does not care if the book is highlighted -they only care about water damage so do not drop your textbook in the bathtub or toilet!- So highlighters will be very important for textbook readings and note taking)
- Post-its (Yes post its! Buy them! You will need them, similar to highlighters you will need them for textbook reading and note taking)
- A laptop (This depends on how fast you can type, or now well you can write short hand but if you feel comfortable then I recommend typing your notes, it is much neater and more organized.)
- Printer (I personally recommend a small HP inkjet printer that takes the big cartridge. Yes the ink is rather expensive but it lasts on average 5000 prints which is amazing! The cartridge is around $90 and the printer is about $100 but it is so worth it since one cartridge will last you more then one year. The only con is it is not a colour printer but with school you will rarely if you ever need need to print in colour.)
- USB/Hardrive/Disks (If you are typing your notes, and even if you are only planing on typing assignments, having one or all of these devises will be a great help in making sure you do not lose your 15 page essay when while you are finishing up on your 14th page. BACK UP BACK UP BACK UP, I can not stress this enough. You need to constantly save your work and back it up. Professors do not care if your laptop stopped working, you should have backed it up! Even if you do not want to invest in any of these I would recommend that you email to yourself or use google drive, or cloud, anything that you are able to access your work from another computer.)
- iClicker (Your professor will let you know if the class is required to buy an iClicker, and if you do they will be available in your school bookstore)

 For other programs some things you may need are
- Lab coat and goggles (The Sciences)
- Calculator (Science and Math)
- Art Supplies (If an art student)

Thanks for reading and keep an eye out for more in the series!

Never Back Down!
Never Give Up!

Crystal xxoo

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