Monday, 1 June 2015

Blog-a-day In June Challenge!

Hey Hey Lovelies!!!

Welcome to JUNE!

Can you believe it? Its already June almost half way through 2015 already.

This month -since this blog is brand new- I have decided to do a little challenge where I am planning on writing and publishing a blog post every single day in June! This is very exciting for me since I have never tried this before even on my old blog! I think it will be great even though I am very worried about the last few days of the month since I will be extremely busy, but maybe I will find a way to write some posts a head of time so that I will be able to post them easily on the last few days!

I of course want to hear about some posts that you would want to read and if you follow me on Instagram @everything2nothingx then you will have since some sneak peaks at some up and coming posts! I am super excited to start this new and fresh month with an exciting challenge!

Sadly I will be working a lot this month but it should be simple enough to write a post a day each morning before work. I hope you all had an amazing May and that your June will be even more wonderful!

What blog posts would you like to see?

Never Back Down!
Never Give Up!

Crystal xxoo

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