Monday, 5 October 2015

Phone Games!

Hey Loves!

This is a fun little post about my favorite phone games!

I don't play games to often but when I do I have these six go-to games!

Boom Beach
  • I have been playing this game for quite a while now and I really enjoy it. I am not someone that pays to move forward in games so it is taking a long time but its fun and that is the only reason I turn to these games, to have fun and forget about the stress in my life!
  • I play this with my cousin and a lot of his friends. You wont be surprised to hear that these guys are 25+ and it is soooo entertaining to hear how excited they get about this game!

Paradise Bay
  • Just joined this game because as you can see by this list I LOVE king games! They are such an amazing developer 
  • I love this game, its cute, there is no fighting its just like farmville and all those cute games that you can play on facebook.
  • Its not stressful you dont need to beat certain things, you just have some quests to complete which are super fun!
  • So far I am really enjoying this

Candy Crush
  • When I got my Samsung Galaxy the first game that I downloaded was Candy Crush!
  • This game was something that I was playing on my iPod before I had my samsung.
  • I am on level 423 as of right now, but sadly I had stopped for a long time because I was stuck on level 419 for MONTHS! so I was struggling big time for a while.
  • Love this game, super fun, and even though people don't talk about it as much as before I still think its super fun.

Candy Crush Soda
  • I guess the popularity of the original inspired this one, but damn do I love this one!
  • YES! yes I do!
  •  Its pretty much the same except you are usually either saving the bears or breaking soda bottles. its cute and enjoyable
  • For this one I am only on Level 119!
  • This is a new addition to my list but not as new as the before mentioned Paradise Bay.
  • This was is another King game and the goal is to make words of a certain length or bring down the cheese blocks as the game does seem to be centered around a mouse!
  • I like it cause it actually makes me think! 

Kwazy Cupcakes
  • Love that show and they are the genusis that brought this game into my life. 
  • Sadly I have been stuck for a very long time but hopefully I will push past that level soon enough!
Never Back Down
Never Give Up
Never Stop Gaming!

Crystal xxoo

Monday, 24 August 2015


Hey Everyone!

I would like to apoligize for being away but it has been a pretty difficult time for my family this last little while. We just buried my cousin after having suffered from cancer. I don't really want to go into the details to much but I do have something I would love to share with you.

During the funeral I obviously broke down bad even though I told myself id be strong for my mother and all my family who are suffering through this. I always thought that friends were a better bond then some family but I might actually be wrong.. I am Italian on my mothers side and that can only mean one thing... my family is HUGE. As she was being buried I couldn't stay and watch/hear the screams of my family so I walked away and ended up with my older cousin. I haven't seen him in about six years because our lives are so different. He's 5 years older then me, we live so far apart, he's even been in the USA training as a firefighter for a bit. But with all that time between us when we both couldn't handle the pain and had to leave he was there wiping my face of the crappy Kleenex and tears like we hadn't been apart at all... We grew up together always together, hundreds upon hundreds of pictures of us together and little ones, but times went on and life changed... But i guess sometimes blood is thicker.

I found this all because of him, as soon as we saw eachother we had the customary greeting of the double cheek and hadnt stopped talking until we found ourselves on opposite sides watching our family weep. We ended up far away from everyone, where we could no longer hear the agony of our brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, mothers, fathers, cousins and friends. We just spoke for a long time about how we are to weak to stand by and watch out family in pain with nothing to do to help them. It was a long afternoon but what really got me is our goodbyes. The day was over we stood up and hugged each other, but it wasn't any old hug that the rest of our family got, all we did was say a few simple words "not a funeral" Now you all may be a bit confused, or maybe not if this is the sort of thing that has happened to you. With a family the size of mine it is very difficult to see echother on a regular basis especially when we all live so far apart and all have our own jobs and separate lives, we always know we will see eachother again at a funeral as most of our family is older and the younger generation are not exactly ready to be married yet. "Not a funeral" is simply a promise that we made to eachother in that single moment, a promise that we will not wait for another funeral before we see eachother again. We will not wait for a marriage 5 years from now, we will see eachother soon and I look forward to that day.

Never Back Down!
Never Give Up!

Crystal xxoo

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Back to School Series #2: University Essentials

Hey again! This is the second installment in the Back to School Series. This time, as you saw in the title I will be focusing on University essentials. This has nothing to do with dorm room essentials I will cover that in another post. This is going to be general essentials, I will post a few supplies that may be needed for certain degrees but you will have to wait to receive a syllabus from your professor for further instructions.

A general list of supplies will be helpful, and you may be surprised with some of the things you find.

- AGENDA! **(You thought I put emphasis on this in my high school list its a lot different now. No matter what program you are in, or what you are doing an agenda should be the one thing that never leaves your side. You should keep this in your bag so that you have it when ever you need to write something down. I know I said it will be a savior before but its a lot different now, without it you will forget things. You will have multiple readings for every class, no matter what program.)**
- Pens, Notebook/Free Paper, Binder/if using paper (This is all depending on what you decide to use but I would recommend having loose paper for anytime you need to hand a question or small participation in lecture. Also loose leaf paper/notebook is helpful in tutorials and practical seminars.)
- Pencils (Again, similar to the high school list, this is mainly for scantron)
- Highlighters (I found these much more helpful in university then I did in high school. Since you buy your textbooks -even if you rent them- the book store usually does not care if the book is highlighted -they only care about water damage so do not drop your textbook in the bathtub or toilet!- So highlighters will be very important for textbook readings and note taking)
- Post-its (Yes post its! Buy them! You will need them, similar to highlighters you will need them for textbook reading and note taking)
- A laptop (This depends on how fast you can type, or now well you can write short hand but if you feel comfortable then I recommend typing your notes, it is much neater and more organized.)
- Printer (I personally recommend a small HP inkjet printer that takes the big cartridge. Yes the ink is rather expensive but it lasts on average 5000 prints which is amazing! The cartridge is around $90 and the printer is about $100 but it is so worth it since one cartridge will last you more then one year. The only con is it is not a colour printer but with school you will rarely if you ever need need to print in colour.)
- USB/Hardrive/Disks (If you are typing your notes, and even if you are only planing on typing assignments, having one or all of these devises will be a great help in making sure you do not lose your 15 page essay when while you are finishing up on your 14th page. BACK UP BACK UP BACK UP, I can not stress this enough. You need to constantly save your work and back it up. Professors do not care if your laptop stopped working, you should have backed it up! Even if you do not want to invest in any of these I would recommend that you email to yourself or use google drive, or cloud, anything that you are able to access your work from another computer.)
- iClicker (Your professor will let you know if the class is required to buy an iClicker, and if you do they will be available in your school bookstore)

 For other programs some things you may need are
- Lab coat and goggles (The Sciences)
- Calculator (Science and Math)
- Art Supplies (If an art student)

Thanks for reading and keep an eye out for more in the series!

Never Back Down!
Never Give Up!

Crystal xxoo

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Red Queens Castle! Intro

Hey Loves!

So yes of course I have made another series! This is pretty much just going to be about my new house.

Not a tour or anything since I do not have the house yet and won't for at least a year, but this series will be about the different decor ideas and furnature ideas that I am hoping to have in my new home!

I will be doing a new aspect of a room with every post so the Kitchen for example may take up 2 posts as the living room or master bedroom may take 4 posts. It all depends on how much I have to say about each room in particular!

I hope you enjoy this! I am so excited to write all about it!

Crystal xxoo

Monday, 10 August 2015

Florida Haul!!

Hey Lovlies!!

So as you know I recently went to Florida and boy oh boy did I shop! 

To start the one thing I got that I do not have a picture of at the moment is a Milani Lipstick that I picked up from Walgreens because I have continuiously been hearing amazing things about that brand and they do not sell it here in Canada so I will try it out and if I fall in love with it I will 100% pick up other products the next time I head over to the states!

This list will not be in an order but I would like everyone to know this is not be bragging about everything I just know how much I love to read these types of posts so I thought maybe someone would like to read mine!

Also another point everyone should know is that everthing I purchased on this trip has been on sale!

So lets start.
Number 1! is this beautiful Nautica suitcase! Regular price $280 I bought it for a whopping $49.99 this was probably the second best buy of that week in the USA!
The second day at Universal I was browsing the shops and BAM! I see this bookmark just chilling there on the stand. I guess this was actually the only thing I paid full price for as I paid $8 for a book mark.... but how could I say no to it! 
This book I found in the same shop as the book mark but this one was actually a few $ off so I think I paid $5 less then list price but I can't remember what it actually cost only that on the back of the book it says 10 pounds.
This GORGEOUS kate spade bag I has been eyeing all week and I really wanted it but at a price of $390 I knew there was no way I could buy it. So I sadly walked out of the store with my head hung low. Near the end of the week we headed back to the mall of a final day of shopping and I decided it couldn't hurt to walk in and say goodbye to that beautiful bag, and when I walked in the lady smiled and handed me a little flyer or ad whatever you call it that said entire store an additional 50% off! I got excited but then realised the bag would still be to much, I went to take a look at it and found that it was no longer their. I asked a women and she took me to the back of the store and the bag was rcently put on discount! Can you believe me luck! It was 50% off and then I walked in on the sale where everything was another 50% AHHH OMG OMG OMG was my reaction! So after the clearence discount and the sal discount I only paid about $110 with taxes! Can you believe it? I have never been happier then walking out of that store with that bag in my hand! 

I got this the day before Disney at the same Walgreens that I purchased on Milani Lipstick at it was a whole $3 and I wanted something cute to bring to Disney world so that I didn't have to spend massive amounts of money on water!  

I just thought this was a super cute shirt! It was only $2.50 as were most of the shirts I got! and I go them all from Aeropostal! 

This bag I got at Van Heusen another great sale! regular $67 and I got it for $15! I almost got a black one as well! But I decided I didn't need yet another purse so I got the black purse for my momma!
This beautiful Marylin Monroe shirt was one of my many Aero finds! but this one was actually $3.50 I had to spend an extra dollar but in the end it was worth it! 

Radiance by Britney Spears is one of my favorite perfumes so when I found it at marshals for $12 I jumped to buy it! It is a little one but I am very glad I picked it up!

Just like Radiance I managed to find my all time favorite Intimately Beckham by David and Victoria Beckham at Marshals except this one was hidden far behind the others! I managed to grab this one for only $7!

Got lucky with these and picked them up for $9! SCORE!
These amazing Puma shoes were regularly priced at $50 and I got them for $24! 

My tiny $3 ring from Icing! 

Forever 21! $1.50 Can't say no to that! 

I got these super cute little diney boxers for $4 at the disney store at one of the many malls we went to while in Orlando!

One of the many $2.50 Crop tops I picked up from Aero!

Another $2.50 Crop top from Aero!

Yup another one!!! $2.50  

Thank you Aero! $2.50

ANOTHER ONE! $2.50!!!

Last but DEF not least! This is my beautiful new MK purse! I got this one the second shopping day so it was the first purse I purchased regular $130 I got it for $60 so it was another great purchase!

All in all I am so super happy about the trip and I hope you all enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it and reliving the excitment of the trip!

Never Back Down!
Never Give Up!

Crystal xxoo

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Monthly Bucket List! (Aug 2015)

Hey all!

So I will be doing a small monthly bucket list every month and doing a wrap up at the end, it isn't anything huge it is more like a to do list for the month!

I thought it would be fun to just keep track of monthly goals and at the end of the month I will be able to see how well I did with the goal list!

Here is my August Bucket/Goal List!

1) Catch up on New Girl
2) Read at least 3 Books
3) Go Camping
4) Write at least 15 Posts on blog!
5) Watch at least 10 Movies

I think five each month is more then enough and it will be fun to see how well I do!

Never Back Down!
Never Give Up!

Crystal xxoo

August TBR

Hey Lovlies!

I know my reading posts have be slacking as of late but I have been in the ultimate reading slump for months now and it is killing me! All I want to do is read.

So hopefully although I have been struggling I am praying that this month will be far better then the past few.

Here is a list of some of the books that I would love to read this month.

I am almost 100% sure I will not get to all of these books or maybe any, especially if I don't feel like reading these books in particular!

1) Omens by Kelley Armstrong
2) Visions by Kelley Armstrong
3) Scorch Trials by James Dashner
4) Doctor Who: How to be a Time Lord
5) Allegiant by Veronica Roth

Some extras that I may want to read

6) Paper Towns by John Green
7) The Heir by Kiera Cass
8) Outlander by Diana Gabaldon
9) Four by Veronica Roth
10) Tempted by P.C and Kristin Cast
Thanks for reading!

Never Back Down!
Never Give Up!

Crystal xxoo

Back to School Series!

Hey Lovlies

Yes I know.. "what Crystal? another series?"
well yes the answer is YESS and it wont be the last I have another one comeing soon!

So this series is just tips and tricks to surviving school!

I have been waiting so long to be able to do this series for you guys and I wanted to be able to post it at a time where many will actually be returning to school, not at a time like January where only some people would be returning.

This series will discuss everything from time management to what you should bring into your dorm when moving off to College/University.

I hope you enjoy this series as much as I will be enjoying writing it!

Never Back Up
Never Back Down

Crystal xxoo

Friday, 7 August 2015

July Reading Wrap Up

As you already may know I have been in a pretty terrible reading slump ever since finishing the Selection Series because it was so fun now everything is taking me forever to get through! July was a very sad reading month as was June but I managed to finish two books which I guess is decent since the last little while has been a fail.

I managed to finish Unravel Me and Ignite Me both by Tahareh Mafi. They were really great books and the series in all improved over the three books with Ignite Me being my personal favorite!

I may end up doing a casting on this series just as I did with the Selection series because I really do enjoy casting the books that I read!

Never Back Down
Never Give Up!

Crystal xxoo

Thursday, 30 July 2015

House News (I'm back officially!)

So I know I was suppose to be back about a week ago but the last few weeks that I have been missing I was doing a lot of research and looking for a place!

I don't know when I am going to be moving but it will probably be in a year, I am so excited because I did find a place and now I am just waiting to do all the legal stuff, fingers crossed that I get this place! I am SOOO excited!!!

The place I am looking at is really small but it doesnt matter cause I would be living there!

Been looking for a place where I will have
  • Enough closet space for all my clothes and shoes. lol
  • At least 2 1/2 bathrooms
  • An Office/Library
  • Walk out 
  • End unit
  • Rental room

I have already been just attacking pinterest with ideas about this place so I will probably be having a lot of posts that talk about home hauls and home decorating!

There has been lots more going on, like I got a second job which is difficult because attempting to  balance everything... I work seven days a week... but I'm really trying to make this work and I think it is getting a little easier to handle!

Never Back Down...
Never Give Up.....

Crystal xxoo

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Favorite Movies (Top 20)

Hey lovelies!

These are my top 20 favorite movies but these are in no particular order!

- Star Trek
- Sherlock Holmes
- Harry Potter Franchise
- Eddie
- Pitch Perfect
- Snow White
- Lord of the Rings Franchise
- Guardians of the Galaxy
- Jurassic World
- Cinderella Story
- The Avengers
- Dirty Dancing
- Despicable Me
- The Host
- Frozen
- Stick It!
- Divergent Franchise
- Wreak it Ralph
- A Good Day to Die Hard
- Hunger Games Franchise

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Work and Travel Update!

Hey Lovelies!

So I apologise that I have failed on the blog-a-day in June but I have been picking up every single shift possible in order to attempt to save enough money to take a vacation!

So this is just a quick little update.

Along with this update I wanted to let you know that I love to travel and I have been travelling most of my life... actually all of my life and it is something I plan on doing for the rest of my life.

I don't claim to be an expert but I do know my fair share of tips and tricks.

Since I know some things I think I should share that with all of you. Hopefully I will even learn something new and different from you guys!

Been working on different posts for a long time! Hopefully these posts will be completed and included in this new travel series that I am hoping to begin soon!

Thanks for sticking around!

Happy Travelling,

Never Back Down
Never Give Up

Crystal xxoo

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Summer TBR

Hey Lovlies!

As promised here is a little list of some books I would love to get to by the end of this year! Of course this is a very extensive list and there is no way that I will be able to read all of these books!

No Particular Order!

- Darkest Minds
- Allegiant
- Unravel Me
- Papertowns
- The kiss of Deception
- The Duff
- Four
- Dracula
- Shadow and Bone
- The Host
- Daughter of Smoke and Bone
- Love, Rosie
- The Diviners
- Cinder
- Wildfire
- Splintered
- Scorch Trials
- Queen of the Tearling
- The Demon King
- The Program
- Si-cology 101
- Heir
- Devil On Her Tongue
- Never Fade
- Dorothy Must Die
- Why we Broke Up
- Deja Dead
- Bitten
- Game of Thrones
- Raven Boys
- Hush Hush
-  Tempted
- City of Ashes
- Ignite Me
- Throne of Glass
- Partials
- Outlander
- The 100
- PJ Sea of Monsters
- City of Glass

There are 40 books that I would LOVE to read before this year ends but I doubt I will be able to!

Never Back Down!
Never Give Up!

Crystal xxoo

Thursday, 11 June 2015

June TBR

Hey Lovelies!

I am already super late with this and I doubt I will be very productive in reading this month but I am 100% going to give it a shot!

Since I do not want to give a TBR that I may not be able to complete I am going to give a few tha happen to be on my list!

These books are in no particular order!

- Outlander
- Splintered
- Daughter of Smoke and Bone
- Throne of Glass
- Dorothy Must Die
- Love, Rosie
- The 100
- Shadow and Bone
- Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters
- The Kiss of Deception

One of my next posts will be my TBR for the rest of the year!

I always wanted 2015 to be a big year for my reading! But because of school it has been an issue but I am hoping that the rest of this year will be successful!

Never Back Down
Never Give Up


Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Best Friends

Hey Lovlies!

So sometimes life happens... people drift but even when it happens it doesn't mean the relationship really changes.

Recently myself and a very very very important best friend of mine have been very distant. Let me just point out this is a really important person to me too. Someone that has been in my life for a solid 15 years. She means the world to me and I would do anything for her.

The reason I am sharing this with you is so that maybe you can learn something that we recently have learnt. We have been distant like I said and some pretty big fights happened and we were closer because of it. then  we had so much to do with life that we drifted.

We finally spoke the other day and it came up how much she still means to me and how she is still my sister. It seemed to be a little weird at first because she didnt think I still cared for her as much as I do and she didnt want to assume that i still did love her as much as always have.

The point of this post is so you all understand that having a best friend, having something that you can truly be yourself with, having someone that you completly trust and can tell anything and everything to is a rare thing to find and when you do find it you need to remember that it doesn't just dissappear, distance doesn't change what the two of you have together and that is something that you should always remember no matter what, don't find reasons to let it go because it never truly leaves you. If you do find yourself apart, get together just once, if it is that true friend I am talking about then one coffee together will be like no time passed, it will mean the world to both of you, believe me!

Our families are each others families, we need eachother, I know I have learnt that in the past few years and I hope she feels the same way. just talking to her again makes me feel like I have been missing something the last little while.

Boys come and go in my case, in her case he stayed! AHHH CONGRATS!
but the point is through everything we still have eachother and I don't plan on every letting that go.

With us it finally feels back to normal and we are both clear that this relationship won't ever end if either of us have a say in it!

I love you girl remember that!
You are my sister
my rock!
my lobster! (lol)
my person!
my one true confidant!

Never Back Down!
Never Give up!
xxoo Crystal

(All the following pictures were saved on my computer so I don't know the exact credit to give! so thank you to all the people that made this amazing pictures! If there are yours comment and I will give you credit!)

Image result for best friends

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Shopping Day Haul!!!

Hello Lovelies!

So glad blogger is letting my posts be saved and published again!!! Woooo!!!

Anywho today was a shopping day.

As some of you may know I recently moved quite a distance from civilization and in order to spend the day shopping I had to drive a solid hour to get even close to anything! After all that driving I finally arrived at a mall thank the lord! Did a lot of the returning and exchanging of things that I needed to and then it was lunch! Oh boy have I been craving Thai food recently! Mom nom!

After lunch I headed over to bath and body works were they were having a 50% off sale but all I got was a nice soap cover and two  yummy smelling soap!

Next Sirens!! Love that place! I picked up two amazing pairs of shoes for like 85% off each!!! I was so happy! They were regularly $35 and I got them for $5!!!!!! Ahhh!!!

I walked on over to David's Tea and got a cup of hot chocolate tea as well as a small pack of dark chocolate tea! Yummmmmmmy!

I think all in all it was a fairly good shopping day!!!

Never Back Down!
Never Give Up!

Crystal xxoo

Work Journal #1 (June 2015)

Hello from the land crappy shifts!

Today was a whopper! I worked 10 glorious (NOT) hours! And the highlight of my day you ask? A kid that I told countless times to not play on the swings in the toddler park continued to NOT LISTEN TO ME! and ended up breaking it and falling. This is like an 11 year old on a 2 years olds swing... 

Yesterday on the other hand was amazing!!! All my family and friends came over and celebrated with me FINALLY graduating university. They were all so happy and my cousins and aunt were betting who knew me the best and when it came to gifts... And I was spoiled to say the least. I will have a grad haul of my non-personal stuff maybe Wednesday but no promises!!!

Everyone was eating and talking it was a really great day we even watched the Women's Soccer game! Go Canada!! and we watched part of the hockey game. All in all it was a day I will never forget!

So this week won't be as interesting as last to say the least but still it won't be boring. I work a few days but I am hoping to pick up a few extra shifts since I need to make up the two shifts I missed this past week due to graduation!

Sorry for the fact that this post was super short but its just been crazy! and with Blogger being so bad the last few days when it comes to letting me save posts I am just glad I was able to post!

I leave you with one of the bouquet of flowers I received for graduation!

Never Back Down!
Never Give Up!

Crystal xxoo

Saturday, 6 June 2015

June book haul!!

Hey all!

Sorry this post is late but today was a big and busy day for me!!!

I'm just gunna give you a quick haul post!

Today my bookstore was having a super promotion and I knew I had to go!!

So I got

Splintered by A.G Howard
The Kiss of Deception by Mary E Pearson
Throne of Glass by Sara J Maas

Tell me if you have read any of these and how you feel about them!!?

Thanks for reading!

Never Back Down!
Never Give Up!

Crystal Xxoo

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Grad Day!! In My Life!

Hey My Loves!

How are you all today? Good? YAY! Me to!!!

Okay okay I'm done I will just write what you actually want to read now...


So about two days ago I posted about my nerves both for the graduation itself and then life after it. Of course I can't tell you any updates about life after grad as I literally just graduated but I can talk about the ceremony itself!

Yesterday I went downtown for my grad! I was so nervous all morning, my tummy was hurting and I was just stressing! I was afraid to fall and I didn't want to totally embarass myself but that wasn't something that I had to worry about! So my grad was at 2:30 but I left home around 9am, no that isn't to early because I live really far from campus! It took me about 2 1/2 hours to get there. So fast forward past all the driving and now its 11:30! I was confused as there were not all that many signs but I found the building and signed in, picked up my Regalia! It was so exciting because my school loves tradition and we don't have a grad cap! we have a hood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So back outside! the weather has been so gross lately but yesterday... omg such a beautiful day!! sun was out it was hat but not crazy hot it was soo amazing!!!! Sorry i'm just so happy!!

So NEXT! I picked up my tickets for my family and then headed into the Plaza to look at some fun stuff! My parents decided to spoil me yesterday so they ended up getting me a dozen roses! A grad bear! A class of 2015 sweater and a class of 2015 water bottle. They also purchased a school frame for my diploma! It all looks amazing!!!! 

After all that I put on the regalia and the pictures began!! Omg like 400 pictures... I'm not complaining lots of memories but my face hurts!!!

Finally the actual graduation! It was super special because there were two special honorary graduates at my grad which is sooo special!! I am so happy that I got to be part of that!! It was amazing!!! I know I'm saying amazing a lot....

Mine turn to go up on stage and of course my luck he said the wrong name... The guy next to me (we both had the same last name) his name was right and my last name was right but apparently they thought my name was Mariana... How the hell do you get Mariana from Crystal!!!! But its okay I didn't go I told them I worked 5 years you will say my name right. The lady gave me attitude but he said my name wrong I refused. Once it was all good and our names were said properly we went up and yes I danced on stage!! 

After the ceremony was over we headed out and I got a picture with the dean and some professors and then me and my girls took pictures!! Two of these girls are so important to me! They literally got me through a lot and we have been together for a long time it was so awesome that we could all be together on such a big day!!!

Finally the day was over and we needed to attempt to take that brutal drive home! About an hour into the drive we stopped for dinner and celebrated just us three before finally getting home!!!
Today was a lot of fun and a day that I didn't have to worry so much about!

Now on to the rest of my life!!!!!!!!!

Never Back Down!
Never Give Up!
Crystal xxoo

Monday, 1 June 2015

Blog-a-day In June Challenge!

Hey Hey Lovelies!!!

Welcome to JUNE!

Can you believe it? Its already June almost half way through 2015 already.

This month -since this blog is brand new- I have decided to do a little challenge where I am planning on writing and publishing a blog post every single day in June! This is very exciting for me since I have never tried this before even on my old blog! I think it will be great even though I am very worried about the last few days of the month since I will be extremely busy, but maybe I will find a way to write some posts a head of time so that I will be able to post them easily on the last few days!

I of course want to hear about some posts that you would want to read and if you follow me on Instagram @everything2nothingx then you will have since some sneak peaks at some up and coming posts! I am super excited to start this new and fresh month with an exciting challenge!

Sadly I will be working a lot this month but it should be simple enough to write a post a day each morning before work. I hope you all had an amazing May and that your June will be even more wonderful!

What blog posts would you like to see?

Never Back Down!
Never Give Up!

Crystal xxoo

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Whats in my bag!

Hello Lovelies!

I was inspired to write this post by my beautiful friend Sioban over at Beauty Bylaws !!! 
I know a what's in my bag post doesn't seem like it belongs on a book blog but with what I have inside you will understand!
Let me just say I LOVE big bags and I cannot lie!
The one I am using right now is this gorgeous coach bag! I fell in love with it even when so many people think the colour is ugly...
Some of you may know that I used to have a blog and I have recently Graduated University so this stuff is not things I recently started carrying around!
First... Womenly things are still in the bag (makeup and other stuff) this isn't a beauty blog SSO I'm focusing more of the book/blog related stuff!
Of course I always have my phone and charger I didn't think you guys cared to see that!
Next I have my wallet and sunglasses because those are always needed! How will I be able to get to the book store without my glasses... How can I possibly buy books without my wallet! Lol
My little Camera! Its the little black pouch with the flowers! And I make sure to always have the charger it's small, doesn't take up room really. I love to carry this little guy around instead of dragging my Nikon everywhere I go! This way I'll always have a way to take pictures for all you to see!!
Next is that little creamy greenish coloured clip up top that's a little reading light! You never know!
That pink pouch at the bottom left is this adorable little thing I bough at chapters! It says "Crap" and under that little check boxes saying "more crap" "total crap" its just a cute little thing and I keep some little stuff (pens and highlighters) 
Why carry around highlighters you ask? Well how will I stay organized?! (I will post an agenda organization article in the near future) but this isn't just any old agenda... This has EVERYTHING I need in it... My life.... All my appointments, workouts, work schedule but it isn't only for my personal life. This agenda is filled with sticky notes and little lists of books I want to read, blog post ideas, review thoughts. Not only when I'm on the go but also when I'm at home, every idea finds its way into this very ugly agenda!
A Book! Of course a book! I always always always have a book with me. This is how I am able to get so much reading done! I love to know I have it! The other day I was in the DMV and there were like 60 people in line! I groaned and then remembered I had my book! I did a lot of reading that day while all those others were standing around shifting from right to left foot wasteing time!
I used to have this little book that could fit in my palm it was adorable covered in letters. In this little book I would have written down all the books I own so that when I was in book stores or book markets surround but thousands of books I would never buy a book I already had. This was very difficult as I could only add books at the end of the list and not with their series so it didn't help when I had to flip though so many pages to see if I needed that books.... Now that you to the creates of this little app called Libib (I will write a post on this if your interested) its so amazing and as long as my phone is charged I am good to go anywhere and I will have my books with me!!

Monday, 25 May 2015

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green Review!

The Fault in Our Stars
Book Summary:
Despite the tumor-shrinking medical miracle that has bought her a few years, Hazel has never been anything but terminal, her final chapter inscribed upon diagnosis. But when a gorgeous plot twist named Augustus Waters suddenly appears at Cancer Kid Support Group, Hazel's story is about to be completely rewritten.

Insightful, bold, irreverent, and raw, The Fault in Our Stars is award-winning author John Green's most ambitious and heartbreaking work yet, brilliantly exploring the funny, thrilling, and tragic business of being alive and in love.

I have never been one to pick up a book like this, stories that make you cry, stories that can happen to anyone around you, even to yourself... true stories are really not my thing. For this I seemed to change my mind... maybe it was the fact that there was a movie coming out, or how excited and in love everyone was with this book, whatever it was that made me pick up this book... THANK YOU!

I loved the story, from the first moment I was captivated I had no idea what I was in for and I was pleasently surprised, the plot did talk about the cancer, it touched on the difficult moments living with cancer or having a child, friend, significant other that is living with cancer, but it also surrounds life, life of a teenage girl, falling in love with a guy and a book, and then falling out of love.... 

I really did develop great feelings for these characters, not only Hazel and Gus but the secondary characters as well, Issac was a wonderful addition as he brought the sad realization to the book in a much different way then the story of Hazel has brought to us readers. He not only had to deal with cancer himself but with relationship problems.... Hazel and Gus' parents are all great additions to the story, of course we see a lot more about Hazels mom and dad but I love that you also get to feel the pain that they have trying to take care of a daughter who is terminally ill.

Without telling you any spoilers if you have yet to read this book... it is NOT what I expected at all, I was shocked and sad, cried for days. DO NOT read this book in public you will regret it trust me! As much as I cried I loved the ending, sure I wanted to know what happened after but I feel John Green did a really god job at wraping it up nicely.

Not much I can say about it... we all know John Green's writing is AMAZING! its a book geared and written in a language for teens and adults a like. He really knows how to make the story jump from the page and into our hearts!

LOVE LOVE LOVE I really can't say anymore about it!


Never Back Down!
Never Give Up!


Rating Books! (My Star System!)

This is just a quick post about how I rate my books so that you all know what I mean when I give each review a certain Star rating!!
One Star: I couldnt even finish the book, or I hated it so much I only finished it to see if it happened to get any better!
Two Stars: I didnt like the book, It was far from the worst thing I have read but it needs a lot of work to make it a book that is worth me recommending to people!
Three Stars: Was a really good book but there were some elements that I felt needed to be included or excluded. Certain parts I loved while other parts... not so much
Four Stars: I enjoying this book a lot! Only very minimal annoyances that really do not bother me. I would 100% recommend this book to my fellow readers (Most books that I love would get this)
Five Stars: LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! This is a book that I find zero issues with (rare to give this to a book Harry Potter, Hunger Games and Divergent are the only ones I have given 5 far) Five means I love this book so much that I probably have spent  more money then I have on extra little things related to the book -Hello Wizarding World of Harry Potter!-

Never Back Down!
Never Give Up!